Monday, November 7, 2011

Kids FootPrint Butterfly

FootPrint Butterfly DIY
Oh my goodness, it's that time again! The holidays bring out the DIY gal in me more than any other time. This week I wanted to do a project with my 6 year old and his cute little feet. I surfed the web to find something worthy of my son's time and came across an adorable picture of a butterfly made of two tiny feet! Yay! I had to make one of my own and that is what I did! Here's my process. Enjoy y'all!

What you will need for this project:

  1. Canvas or Canvas Paper. (I used Canvas Paper cut down to an 8X10)
  2. Acrylic Paints
  3. Paint Brush
  4. Frame To Fit Canvas (Purchased at Goodwill .50 and spray painted silver)
  5. Two Tiny Feet
Place your canvas on either newspaper or a drop cloth so as not to ruin the surface you are painting on. Sometimes I learn the hard way.. like dripping tons of paint on my kitchen table and getting a huge headache when trying to clean it up before family dinner time!! Not my idea of fun. lol.

Prepare the colors of your choice. I went with yellow for the feet and red for the toes. It reminded me of a sunset.

Now grab those tiny little feet and get to painting! My son couldn't stop laughing during the foot painting! Paint one foot at a time. Paint the left foot first, one color for the foot and a different color for the toes. Place the painted left foot on the right side of your canvas and press down. Try not to wiggle during this part. Lift foot straight up without smearing the paint.

Time to paint the right foot and place it on the left side of your canvas. (Leave enough of a gap between both feet for a little butterfly body.

Paint in your little butterfly guy then give him two arms and two feet. I used a toothpick to paint the eyes and mouth. It made the job so easy!

I added a little bit of red with my yellow paint and went over his small feet to give them dimension and then painted blue all around the butterfly. (I added water to my paint brush to give the blue a more flowing look. Very easy to do!)

Let your project dry then frame it! Voila! Instant family art for any room in the house. Thanks for stopping by and be sure to come back soon!

Momma Smith

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