Friday, February 17, 2012

World of Paper Cutting!

Hello and good morning to all! I hope your day is going great as I know mine is so far. It's only 7 am here though and I have a doctor’s appointment to attend with my baby sister who is going in for a biopsy. I have a whole lot on my mind and need something to do until I leave to meet up with her so I went online and found a lot of interesting paper cutting patterns. Here are some of the cooler FREE patterns I've found. If you know of some that I don't have listed here please leave a comment below. I have found paper cutting to be very calming and keeps my mind on the here and now. Thanks guys and gals and I'll update you all on my sister real soon.

FREE Pattern found HERE

I love love love this pattern! It was the first one that I did and the result was beautiful! I may use it as decoration for the cover of a card or maybe frame it. Very beautiful! The website has a ton of amazing paper cutting patterns and all of them are fantastic!

FREE Pattern found HERE

This is found on the same site as the first but is very different in look and feel. This gives you a little look at the many varying styles of paper cutting out there. I haven't done this one yet but it is on my list. She is so majestic and I love all the animals in this picture.

snowflake template

FREE Pattern found HERE

Here is a more kid friendly paper cutting pattern. The website that I found this on has several more free designs to choose from. I am digging the hearts on this piece and the trees make for a nice variation. I can see my 6 year old trying his hand at this snowflake design.

FREE Pattern found HERE

Paper cutting can be used for so many amazing projects and can be found as a source of income when sold on sites like This is a great Valentine’s Day card that you can make yourself for the cost of the card stock paper only! It looks expensive and classy but cost you less than a cheap card would have! I hand-make most all the gifts I give and find that most people enjoy them more than an inexpensive store bought gift. I am usually able to recreate a fancy gift with just a little bit of forethought and repurposed material. If you find something that you think looks like the perfect gift but is out of your price range you may be able to make it yourself. There are several sites devoted to helping you do just that! One such site is and is personally my favorite! I spend many many hours just surfing through their site! Check it out. It's pretty amazing what we can make.

Acid-free A4 115 gsm papel, acrylic paint and oak frame.
53 x 40,5 x 7 cm

Found HERE

This is a work of art! The artist is Peter Callesen. He has made paper cutting his craft and has made amazing pieces that make you think! You can find his work and information HERE and also if you're in the Denmark area from today until March 3rd you can stop by the “Winterreise”, Play at Københavns Musikteater, Denmark. Peter Callesen has made the set design.

Acid-free 120 gsm paper, glue, acrylic paint and wooden frame.<br>
107 x 107 x 13 cm

Paper cutting is so very calming and just what I need today. I hope you find your happy place and maybe a bit of serenity in paper crafts. Thanks for stopping in and I look forward to adding photos of the paper cuttings I do in the future. Have a great day!

-Momma Smith

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