Monday, March 5, 2012

Kids-Room DIY!

Recently my two little boys decided they needed a new bedroom theme because my oldest thinks the room is too baby-ish for him... I'm pretty sure that my 2 year old is just fine with the decor but my 6 year old is ready for a change so he and I went online for inspiration. Here are some wonderful DIY projects we ran across in the process.

Since our last name is Smith we thought this was a fantastic idea! I love burlap in every way so it is on our list of To-Do's! Burlap reminds me of country summers and beachy vacations! Lizzy at PrettyCityThings made this and has very detailed instructions on how to make one for yourself!

My son LOVES this project! He wants to do this right now! I think this will look wonderful as seasonal wall art even for out living room. We found this DIY from Lucy at Craftberry Bush. She is so very talented!

Here's another one from Lucy that I want to do as seasonal wall art. Too cute!! If I'd have found this sooner I surly would have made one for my son's 1st grade teacher!

 I fell in love with this painted cross-stitch pillow and even though it will not go with a "little boy room" theme I can take this technique and apply it to a different image. Maybe a sail boat... I found this DIY here. These are gonna look great on our bedtime story chair! I'm so excited!

How to draw... foxes

I am so fond of foxes that when I came across this website on HOW TO DRAW A FOX I couldn't contain my enthusiasm! My son and I have already painted 3 amazing little Fox paintings for the new boys room and couldn't be happier! You can find the DIY here.

We have bunk beds right now and I am so worried that my two year old is going to kamikaze off the top bunk and break himself because he is rather fearless as most 2 year olds are so I was ecstatic to find a DIY for a trundle bed made from a bunk bed! My six year old has approved this idea so now my husband and I are sketching out how we are going to do this one! I found the instructions HERE and they are super easy!

 Playful Kid Bedroom Decor

Okay Okay Okay! I absolutely LOVE this! I think I'd play in this room as much as my boys! I wish our space was large enough for this awesome play room but alas it is not. I found a great alternative though and hope to incorporate it into the new room theme.

How unique is this?! It's so easy to make and such a great idea that I wish I could have thought of it! This one is gonna be for my 7 year old nephew. He's the car-kid in our family. He had the largest toy car collection before he was 5 years old and still loves cars! My baby brother just bought a really souped up Camaro and my nephew cannot get enough of it! Every time he sees my brothers’ car his eyes light up and he wants a ride! lol. This LAMP would be his pride and joy so this April for his 8th birthday we are going to make this for him.

Even though my boys have a HUGE walk in closet, once I found this amazing wall shelf I knew I wanted to make one for the bedroom redo! This would even look nice in my living room! Fantastic Green Idea as well. Good to know that people are making the Green Movement look as great as it feels! I found this idea HERE.

Again, I LOVE BURLAP! lol. It will stand the test of time. HERE is an amazing boys room! I've got so many great plans and ideas now, I'd better get started on a few now because I keep adding to my list. I will add my finished project photos once I've finished so stay tuned! Have a great week!

Momma Smith

Had to add this to the list!! Just beautiful! Found HERE. Enjoy!

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